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Insomnia is one of the most widely spread mental disorders among the patients. Bad sleeping may become the reason of dozens of illnesses and makes people feel totally exhausted and tired during the daytime. Modern pharmacy provides different effective pills that help to fall asleep quickly and enjoy healthy and deep sleeping; Ambien is one of them. The drug has a number of dangerous side effects and its overdosing may lead to fatal ending, that`s why one may buy Ambien at the usual drug stores only with a doctor`s prescription, or visit some online stores and do it without prescriptions.

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How it Acts

Our brains contain some special chemicals that are responsible for ability to fall asleep, their imbalance causes insomnia. Ambien helps to normalize the level of these chemicals and treats the disorder.

There are two forms of the drug: the first one is the immediate-release tablet, it acts immediately after taking and makes you fall asleep in a few minutes; the extended-release tablets consist of two layers, where the second one acts during the whole night and helps to stay sleeping without accidental awakening.

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Tips of Usage

Ambien belongs to the class of drugs that are recommended to be bought with a prescription of a doctor, or if one is ready for self-treatment he may buy ambien from online drug store. Anyway, the doctor may help to determine a safe and most effective dosage after the patient`s health testing and studying of his medical history.

The cure belongs to the 4th level of CSA Schedule and has a high risk of habit forming. Never share your pills with someone else. The dosages are to be prescribed personally and they differ for men and women.

There are no researches that show how the medicine reacts during pregnancy. Anyway, as it has a great variety of side effects, it is better to stay away from it during this period. The active element can be brought to a child and cause problems with fetus development. The period of breast feeding is also of an increased risk.

The pills are to be taken without chewing and crushing, with a glass of water. Be sure that you will have at least 7 hours to sleep after taking the pill.

Allergic and Side Effects

Personal intolerance and overdosing are followed by the following symptoms: hard breathing, hives, swelling of face, throat and tongue. As far as you get any of these symptoms you should call a doctor and ask for an immediate help. There are even fatal endings caused by allergy and overdosing. Never try to wait till the symptoms will be gone by themselves and stay ware from self-treatment.

The list of most severe side effects of Ambien include: breathing disorders, irregular heartbeat, pain in the chest, feeling of passing out.

To the most common side effects belong: light-headedness and weakness, pain in the muscles, headache, nausea, stuffy nose and dry mouth.


Before you start the course of treatment your doctor has to check out you medical history carefully and get sure that you do not have the following illnesses and disorders:

  • • diseases of kidney and liver;
  • • sleeping apnea;
  • • long history of suicidal mood and deep depression;
  • • alcohol or drug addiction.

The effect of Ambien is stronger when taken by women or patients of an older age. It is strictly prohibited to be taken by children and everyone under 18 years old.

Ambien causes problems with coordination and reaction. You should avoid driving and any other type of activity that requires high concentration. Otherwise you will be under the risk of getting into the accident and harm yourself and someone else.

Rules of Storing

The medicine has to be stored in a dry, dark place with a mild temperature regime. It is not recommended to freeze the pills as it may spoil them as well as increased moisture.

The kids are to be unable to find the pills as they my accidentally take them and get severe intoxication.

Forms and Shapes

There are two main forms of Ambien pills. These are pink and white capsule-shape pills. The first contain 5mg of main active element and the second has 10mg. You will also see the AMB 5 and AMB 10 imprints in the surface of the pills.

How to Buy Ambien 5mg

If you have already got the prescription you may visit any local drug store and ask for Ambien without any doubts.

In case you want to avoid the process of getting a prescription you may try searching at online stores. This modern type of drug trading provides with all available original medicines and their generics.

First you should become a registered user of the store and only after that you will be able to add the products to your virtual basket and buy them.

Online traders guarantee fast and often free delivery.

Check out some different online stores and you will be able to choose the most profitable offer with the best price.

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